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I recently came across this short video in which marketing strategist/author, David Meerman Scott, talks about his latest concept “real-time marketing“:

I found this video particularly interesting because the conversation dealt with email marketing. When asked how real-time marketing could be applied to email marketing Scott’s reply was, basically, that email marketers would benefit from losing their campaign mentality and beginning to play off of what happens to be going on in the news/world at the moment. A strike while the iron is hot type of thing. Does your business sell a great, new line of snow shovels and two feet of snow was just forecast? Why not send an email to your customers letting them know? While I don’t think campaigns and long term planning should be dropped all together by email marketers (neither does Scott), I do think that this is a great idea. It is just another example of how marketers/businesses can become more human and actually make an effort to help their customers out.

This was also the direction that the second half of the interview went in and there were a couple of pretty interesting comments worth thinking about. At one point the interviewer actually says to Scott, “Everything you’re saying I would do as a person, but maybe not as a marketer” to which Scott replied, “Companies don’t really do it.” Why? Why do marketers, and more importantly businesses in general, feel the need to treat people unlike… people? This is a pretty big question that I have been thinking/reading about a lot lately and I will be attempting to answer this in an upcoming post. I think what we can all agree on though is that marketing can do better and so can businesses.


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