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I had a couple of things in mind when I wrote the title for this post. First, how much time should marketers be spending on listening to what their customers and/or prospects are saying about them? Because they are saying a lot. And second, how much of the marketing industry is actually listening to the change taking place in consumers’ attitudes towards how they are being messaged? People are sick of irrelevant/annoying ads, spam cluttered inboxes and cold calls during dinnertime. The days of mass marketing are over and traditional, push based marketing tactics are giving way to the “power of pull.”

The initial idea behind this post actually came from a tweet I sent out awhile back. I had just read a NYT article about a Zappos ad campaign and I wanted to share a part of it that I thought was pretty damn smart (they advertise on the bottoms of plastic bins in airport security lines!). A couple of hours later I received a tweet from Zappos that simply said “:-) Thanks for the support!”. They were listening and I bet they are listening to what everyone online is saying about them (and probably their competitors, as well).

What’s the big deal? Well, for me, it’s the fact that they respected me enough not to send a follow up tweet with a hard sell on shoes or scrape data from my Twitter profile, match that up with a list of email addresses they purchased and then spam me with an irrelevant offer. They realized that I had no intention of buying shoes at that time. I think Zappos is a company that “gets it” and that they are listening. I think they are building a business, as well as, a brand for the long term and won’t let short term, old school thinking get in the way.

What do you think? Did they miss a chance to offer me some sort of limited time coupon offer or to try and sign me up for some sort of email newsletter?


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