I had been toying around with the idea of starting a work related blog for awhile, but never went ahead with it. Well 2010, for me, is the year of “just doing things” rather than just talking or thinking about them. For better or for worse. Here is my thinking/reasoning behind starting this blog:

  • I will use it as a way to get my thoughts/ideas/opinions “down on paper” in order to build on them (hopefully with feedback & help from others)
  • I would like to use it as a way to join the conversations that are happening across the Web (140 characters is not enough). In doing this I hope to meet & learn from smart/interesting/passionate people with similar interests as me
  • I have worked on the Web for a while now, but have not been 100% responsible for managing any sort of online property. Although as simple as can be this blog will give me that experience.
  • Lastly, I hope to use this blog to promote myself and my professional skill set because who knows what doors it may open up down the road

I did have a little trouble thinking about what main idea this blog should be centered on, but it eventually hit me when I took a look at the blog roll I had created. These are people whose opinions/ideas I really connect with and each has  played a part in shaping the way I think about business on the Web — Doc Searls, Seth Godin, Clay Shirky, Umair Haque, the folks at HubSpot and many more. What is the main thing that they have in common (in my mind at least)? To some degree, they believe that traditional business practices on the Web are not working and that many established companies still don’t understand the changes in customer behavior taking place.

This is a view that I share and one that I have formed over the course of my professional career. Through my posts I hope to expand on my thoughts/opinions related to this topic and eventually add to the larger conversation. I will also point out and commentate on businesses and tactics that I feel are adapting; thus working well on the ever-changing Web. Looking forward to 2010 and beyond.

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